IJ Start Canon imageFORMULA ScanFront 400

IJ Start Canon imageFORMULA ScanFront 400

IJ Start Canon imageFORMULA ScanFront 400

IJ Start Canon imageFORMULA ScanFront 400 – The Canon imageFORMULA ScanFront 400 is a minimized, quick and flexible arranged archive scanner that is sufficiently little to sit around your work area or in any edge of your office but then effective to help various clients while checking to a few goals in the meantime.

Its 10.1-inch WSVGA TFT LCD touch board show furnishes a tablet-like ordeal alongside the choice to work with a mouse and console when associated through its USB 2.0 ports.

I’ve spent the most recent couple of weeks utilizing this scanner in our office yet before I give more points of interest of my survey, I might want to stress this is an “organized” scanner that does not interface straightforwardly to a solitary PC nor has remote abilities.

Outline and Functions IJ Start Canon imageFORMULA ScanFront 400

With its plate shut, the ScanFront 400 has an estimation in HWD of 9.06-inch x 12-inch x 11.1-inch and weighs 9.92 pounds. It has a separable programmed archive feeder (ADF) and a collapsing plate that goes about as a cover for the LCD touch board. At the point when both plate are drawn-out, the scanner duplicates in measure however yet sufficiently little to fit on work areas.

Full view

The back of the scanner has a Kensington Slot that can be utilized to physically secure it with a key tie or bolt to forestall burglary, a 24 V DC control connector, a LAN port to associate Ethernet arrange link and two USB ports that can be utilized to interface a USB mouse and a USB console. On the correct side is another USB port that can be utilized to associate a USB streak drive.

IJ Start Canon imageFORMULA ScanFront 400 Association

The ScanFront 400 feeder can hold up to 60 sheets and can filter reports between 14 to 57 pounds in weight to six goals – E-mail, FTP, Fax, Shared Folder, USB memory and Printer – which can be chosen on the 10.1-inch touch screen.


In the wake of associating the Ethernet link and power line, the scanner can be booted up by squeezing the power catch which is strategically placed on the front beside the touch screen. Boot up time was around 1 moment and 15 seconds. The home screen has the symbols for the six unique goals to where reports can be filtered to alongside a sidebar which gives access to the Administrator settings. In here you would setup be able to clients, address book, design the gadget, refresh framework settings, get to framework organization capacities, setup server points of interest, see activity history and setup declarations and private key.

Interface IJ Start Canon imageFORMULA ScanFront 400

Refreshing the head settings was to some degree convoluted and monotonous because of the extensive variety of choices and specialized subtle elements expected to finish the setup. To get this up and running you should be learned in systems administration and have some level of specialized perception. The setup directions are reported in the manual which accompanied the scanner however it was not helpful as it identifies with a more established variant of the working framework that was very not the same as the one introduced on the scanner. I later went over a reexamined delicate duplicate of the manual on the CD that was given. Indeed, even with this refreshed duplicate of directions the setup was as yet hard to finish. I would prescribe that you hand this over to your framework manager to help with setting up the scanner.

IJ Start Canon imageFORMULA ScanFront 400 Execution

In the wake of conquering the underlying protuberance in setup, checking was a breeze. Filtering to the distinctive goals was quick, calm and secure. I got some amazing outcomes that were far and away superior to the evaluations of the scanner.

At 150 dpi, both in shading and high contrast, it filtered 50 pages for each moment (ppm) in single-sided or simplex mode, and 102 pictures for every moment (ipm) which is multiplied sided or in the duplex mode.

At the point when examined at 300 dpi, I saw that there was a slack and the yield was 32 ppm for both shading and highly contrasting. At 600 dpi, the scanner could finish just 5 pages for every moment.

One thing to note when examining more slender sheets at a lower dpi is that the yield plate does not go about as a decent catchment to stack the report checked together bringing about it being scattered.

I did a few tests on business cards too, for which the ScanFront 400 could finish the examining of 80 cards for every moment. The admonition here however is that because of the thickness of the business cards just around 40 cards could be put on the record nourish plate. Filtering of plastic cards was quick which is a decent component to have for keeping up an advanced duplicate of driver’s permit and Mastercards to suit the reasons for various businesses.

IJ Start Canon imageFORMULA ScanFront 400 Examined plastic card

The ScanFront 400 is fit for handling up to 6,000 sheets for every day at up to 200 dpi and can examine the two sides of a report through a solitary sit back. Moreover, the gadget can check distinctive record composes, diverse thickness, cards and travel papers. For visa examining, it is prescribed to utilize the discretionary transporter sheet which secures the report while in the meantime guarantees execution.

Tests directed for Optical Character Recognition (OCR) in changing over sweeps to editable content at 150 dpi delivered many mistakes for 8 and 10 focuses type however when filtered at 300 dpi, there were no blunders.

In general, the checking execution is amazing and I like how the touch-screen gives a see of filtered archives which makes it simpler to guarantee that data is caught precisely.

Utilizations and Security

The ScanFront 400 enables clients to catch records in both field and office areas in a smooth and secure way which can be shared through the six distinct goals. Businesses that can profit by this kind of scanner incorporates fabricating, monetary, managing an account, lawful administrations, protection, human services and others because of the simplicity of catch and appropriation and also the security that accompanies being a system scanner.

Through the Administration device, IT chiefs can oversee and control up to 1,000 ScanFront gadgets and view status, refresh firmware, move down and reestablish setups. This scanner additionally underpins LDAP over SSL (LDAPS) to keep correspondences secure amongst gadget and LDAP servers and backings sign in gadget get to.


• Very quick examining

• Good content acknowledgment

• Supports numerous clients

• Scan to six goals

• Large tablet-like show


• Complicated setup

• Needs raised edges on yield plate to keep sheets conveniently stacked

Basically the Canon imageFORMULA ScanFront 400 scanner might be hard to setup however it gives quick, calm and secure filtering to six distinct goals and offers a quick content acknowledgment and transformation to editable content. The lovely 10.1-inch touch-screen show gives a see of examined reports while going about as an instinctive interface for the working framework. That is the review about IJ Start Canon imageFORMULA ScanFront 400 .

We proudly present IJ Start Canon imageFORMULA ScanFront 400 through ijstartcanon-setup.com that is free and safe to download.

How to Download and Install IJ Start Canon imageFORMULA ScanFront 400

  1. Plug the power cable into the printer, then into an outlet on a surge protector. This step enable you verify that the printer is able to powered up.
  2. Make sure the printer’s ink cartridges are installed properly. Moreover, load the proper paper into the tray.
  3. Download the IJ Start Canon imageFORMULA ScanFront 400 software by clicking the download link below. Please choose the file based on your operating system.
  4. Install the driver by double-clicking the downloaded file. Make sure to install the correct drivers for your operating system.
  5. Follow the instruction shown in the installation panel.
  6. Turn the printer power off and plug the USB cable into the printer port and into the USB port on your computer.
  7. The computer is trying to recognize the printer.
  8. To make sure the printer works properly, please out a test page.
  9. If the printer is working properly, now you can use the printer to print your work

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Windows all versions 32bit
Windows all versions 64bit

OS X 10.9,OS X 10.8
Mac OS X 10.6

Linux (RPM/DEB)

IJ Start Canon imageFORMULA ScanFront 400