How To Do Canon MG3620 Printer Setup

Canon MG3620 Printer Setup

Canon MG3620 printer setup

The Canon MG3620 printer is a printer which is highly recommended by almost all of its users. Even within the Canon company which produces a large number of commendable printers, the Canon MG3620 printer in particular is a very good printer for its good quality printing at a rather affordable price.

It is efficient and versatile to use for different kinds of spaces as well. Along with that the fact that printers are wireless these days makes it more convenient to move them from one place to another. It is also important that they are regularly cleaned and making sure the printers do not have a lot of wires and cables makes it easier to clean them as well. Along with this, wireless printers are also simpler to use for the customers as well.

The usual first job that is done after buying any new printer like the Canon MG3620 printer is to make sure the printer is setup properly. Once the printer has been setup then you can make sure you continue using the printer, however the first task is to make sure the printer is setup.

The process to setup a printer is usually very simple and involves certain steps which can be followed by the users themselves, they can also take help from the manual which is given along with the Canon MG3620 printer when they are buying the printer itself.

  1. Printer driver software

The printer driver software is an essential part of setting up of the Canon MG3620 printer. Make sure that you download and then install the software with the help of either the CD or the website, either. Once this is done, only then will the printer be able to work properly.

  1. Printing essentials

Make sure that there is enough paper in the printing tray, along with there being paper you also have to make sure that the paper is the size of the printing tray as well. Ensure that this is done as well. The cartridge should have ink too.

  1. Connections

First for starters make sure that there is an internet connection and that it is working properly. Ensure all the wires and cables are connected as well. This could lead to errors later on. Following this, make sure your router and all other devices are working properly. Make sure your Canon MG3620 printer setup is on and connected to the power source as well. All the devices should be connected to the requisite sources they need to be connected to.

  1. Wi-Fi connection

Now after this you have to make sure that you connect your Canon MG3620 printer to the internet connection. Ensure that the internet is working in a smooth manner for this to happen and is working fast as well.

To make sure that your Canon MG3620 printer setup is connected to the WiFi, for starters you have to make sure you press the Wi-Fi button on your printer the first thing. Once this is done, the printer itself will start blinking and then it will stop blinking once your device has been located and a connection needs to be made.

Thus once this whole process is done, the process to setup of the Canon MG3620 printer will be completed. In case you want you can always go back to the steps to see if you have missed any of the steps and go over it again in case of errors as well. Larger errors could require you to call the customer service executives as well, there are a number of FAQs etc. on the internet as well which can be looked at.

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