How to setup Canon pixma mx534 printer wirelessly

Canon pixma mx534 printer wirelessly

Canon pixma mx534 printer wirelessly

The Canon pixma mx534 printer can be set up in a wireless manner in very simple steps. The first thing that one does after purchasing a printer is that they usually set it up.

This process is very similar for the Canon pixma mx534 printer as well. You have to setup the printer after purchasing it. It is a standard good quality printer offering reliable printing copying and other things. It can be used in different kinds of spaces for a lot of things. You can use it for home purposes and also business purpose along with that.

The good thing about having a printer which is also wireless is also the fact that it does not require so many cables and wires to make connection with the computer. You can set it up in an easy manner. The placement of the printer also becomes very easy because of the Wi-Fi support that the Canon pixma mx534 printer offers to customers. It is thus a highly preferred printer in case of the range offered in wireless printer options of Canon.

There are largely two ways in which you can setup Canon pixma mx534 printer wirelessly. This can either be though the WPS method or it can be done through the standard method of making connection with the Canon pixma mx534 printer. You can start out by the WPS options if you have the WPS button and the option on your printer, but you can also do it by the Standard connection method.

• How to setup Canon pixma mx534 printer with the WPS method

  1. For this method you have to first glance upon your printer and make sure that the WPS button physically exists. And that this option is available for you.
  2. You can also do this by referring to the user guide of the printer itself.
  3. Make sure you have the WPA Wi-Fi Wi-Fi protected access option available to you when you are doing this.
  4. If this is not available then you need to opt for the standard connection option.
  5. Make sure that your printer is on. Then press the WPS button.
  6. Once you have done this you will see light flickering on the button.
  7. Once the connection has been made then what will happen is that the light visible will stabilise and stay like that.
  8. You can now check whether this has helped by referring a printing exercise to your printer.
  9. If it is printing without any issues this means that the Canon pixma mx534 printer has been setup properly.

How to setup the Canon pixma mx534 printer with help of the Standard connection method

  1. For this case the setup process you will mostly have received a CD at the time of the purchase of your Canon pixma mx534 printer.
  2. Make sure that the first step you put the CD in your computer to setup the printer.
  3. A screen will display after this and you have to select the dialog box and give agreement to it.
  4. You have to now pick the wireless connection option after this.
  5. After this an installation guide will direct you on how to install the setup into your computer. Make sure all the steps are correctly followed.
  6. Other pointers to keep in mind are the fact to ensure that the internet connection is working properly through the process, the cables or wires are attached evenly.
  7. And also make sure you have the requisite software downloaded on your computer as well.

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