Why Canon Pixma Tr8520 Keeps Going Offline?

Canon Pixma Tr8520 Keeps Going Offline

There are quite a few reasons as to why this might be happening. Even the best quality of printers like the Canon Pixma Tr8520 might have issues like going offline in the course of using it.

But it is easy to remedy this situation. Make sure you look at the options given below and this will help you with the same.

  1. First start out by checking the basics, if your wires are in place and the connections are proper too.
  2. Make sure that you have your power outlet connected to your printer device too.
  3. Another thing you could see here is whether the printing tray and other ancillary objects have been properly attached to the Canon Pixma Tr8520 printer.
  4. Make sure the ink cartridge is full too. It could be producing faint marks should it not be filled.
  5. Another thing which is probably causing your Canon Pixma Tr8520 printer to go offline is if you change it to become online manually. This can be done through the settings of the device.
  6. Make sure the internet connection is working and fast. Check it with other devices also to see if it is connecting at all, and it could probably be a wifi issue and not a printer problem at all.
  7. A number of times the printer driver could be out of date and you would be required to download or update the software for it to function better.
  8. There is also the option of calling customer care executives to help you with this problem.
  9. A number of these issues are very solvable and can also be fixed via phone with the executives. So make sure you resort to this if the other options are not working.

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