How To Fix The ‘Canon Printer Printing Blank Pages’ Issue?

Canon printer printing blank pages

Canon printer printing blank pages

The brand name ‘Canon’ itself brings in the sense of trust and expertise in the minds of users and buyers. Undoubtedly it is the best choice made by the users to purchase Canon printers for both personal and office use. It provides the user with the best quality prints by having a massive variation of tones and colours. The design and working being top class, it is a good choice for ones who look for printers of good quality.   

It also derives a few issues arising from several reasons that might exist or occur during its usage. One of the problems that trouble the user at times is the ‘Canon printer printing blank pages’, which deprives the user of time bound and high quality work. This may irritate and disturb the work nature as it leads to delays and costs.

However, the ‘Canon printer printing blank pages’ issue could also be resolved at the comfort of your house, without wasting much of one’s time. These ways are also pocket friendly as they do not even cost a penny, which is something opposite of when you take the devices to an expert or repair shop.

Speaking of the ‘Canon printer printing blank pages’ problem, the below steps and ways might be helpful for you to get out of it merely in minutes and start working back normally. Minimum or no knowledge of computers and printers would not even be a problem or obstacle while following any of these. However, after trying all these, if you still feel that there still exists some problem with your printer, you can talk about your concern with the Canon skilled specialists who give appropriate direction to eliminate this issue in a safe manner. You may find the contact of the same on Canon official website, where experts are available 24*7 for your assistance.

Fixing the ‘Canon printer printing blank pages’ issue

Reason 1: Inaccurate installation of cartridges

Solution 1: Removal of the breather tape

One of the reasons for your ‘Canon printer printing blank pages’ issue might be the inappropriate installation of cartridges or maybe the absence of the same. By absence we mean, the inappropriate connection of the ink cartridge, which deprives it of working.  To be accurate, make sure to read the manual provided along, which directs to remove the breather tape or the protective sheet covering of the cartridge, which deprives the ink of flowing out and leads to the hampered working of your printer.

Reason 2: Insufficient ink levels

Solution 2: Inspect the ink level and replace if needed

The other reason for the ‘Canon printer printing blank pages’ may be the deficient or no ink levels present in your printer. This can be assured by going to the ‘printer’ menu on your computer screen from the control panel window box. This will let you know if the existing ink level is good or insufficient.

Also, the ink might have dried up, so look for the same and replace it with the new ones if necessary.

Reason 3: Older version of printer drivers

Solution 3: Installing the latest and updated Printer Drivers

The working of the Canon printer might also be hampered or affected by the absence of the latest and updated printer servers. You should make sure that your printer has the updated versions of the drivers installed. In case the drivers are outdated, look for the appropriate ones on the Canon official site by entering the exact model number as printed or carved on your printer. Download the driver and install them by following the onscreen instructions after pressing the ‘run’ button on the dialog box that appears on the screen after the download is complete.

How do I avoid ‘Canon printer printing blank pages’ issue?

Now that hopefully your ‘Canon printer printing blank pages’ issue is resolved and your printer has again started working normally, it is crucial for you to avoid such problems from occurring in the future by following a few prevention tips. Some of the ones which are very common and can be executed on a regular basis without expense are listed below:

  • You should print on a regular basis and avoid keeping your printer at rest for long which might become the reason for dried ink or blockage in the future.
  • Make sure that you are using the original accessories like the cartridges as the fake ones generally interfere with the proper functioning of the Canon printer and might also lead to long term issues.
  • Use the printing sheets of the same size as desired or suitable for the printer tray.
  • Keep updating the drivers as outdated ones hinder the efficiency of the printer.

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