How to Connect Canon MF4770N Printer to Computer

Connect Canon MF4770N Printer to Computer

The Canon MF4770N is a stellar, monochrome laser operated printer. It has a high printing resolution and good speed for most printers in the same price range. It is also known for its good quality backlit LCD display. The Canon MF4770N Printer Wireless Setup is indubitably a product worth its price.

There can be several ways of connecting one’s canon printer to their computer. The usage of each method would depend on the context it is being put to use in. It would alter accordingly.

Connect Canon MF4770N Printer to Wifi:

1. The first thing, and the most basic to be borne in mind is that the computer should be connected to the network setting without glitches. If the computer is not connected to a network, then it will cause problems despite all the processes materializing properly.

2. To Connect Canon MF4770N Printer, first make sure your router is functioning properly and is also properly connected with the computer. This will cause unnecessary problems should the router not be in order.

3. There are usually always instruction booklets that come along with the device. Usually they are easy to follow and it is important to make sure that one follows the basic set of instructions are given in the manual.

4. Should you want to establish the setup in your office area, then the administrator of the particular network needs to be contacted. Further, the steps given below should be followed.

Here, the device can be connected to a wire operated LAN or a wireless LAN depending on the specific requirements.

  1. The first one is to establish connection with the help of a LAN wire.
  2. While in another case, a wireless setup can also be initiated.
  3. The conclusion also briefly discusses how the USB cable can also be used for the purpose of the same.

Connect Canon MF4770N Printer to LAN Wired

1) Here, it is important to remember that the default setting is connecting with a wired LAN wire. With the use of a wire, the connection to the router or the network is established.

2) You then either wait for the IP address to get connected on it’s own or you can manually type out the IP address yourself.

3) Follow the dialog boxes that materialize and requisite responses required. Further, once this is all done you need only to wait for the connection to the wired LAN to be established.

Connect Canon MF4770N Printer to Wireless LAN setup

1) First thing to note here is to check if your printer is compatible with the wireless LAN connection method

2) For this, one could rely on the WPS Method (WiFi protected Setup)

3) For starters, you will need to alter your settings from a wired LAN system to a wireless one

4) To do this, you need to go to the Network settings on the device, from there select the Wireless Network. Further, a dialog box with the option WPS shows. You are to click on this.

5) Press the button for a couple of seconds. The device will then locate the network connection to be established and blink accordingly.

6) Now one only needs to wait for a few minutes until the IP address is established either on it’s own or it can be set manually too. This is the last step to Connect Canon Printer to wifi.

Concluding notes:

1) It is important to remember that the default setting is that of wired LAN so one must switch it over to wireless before operating it.

2) You could also, in a third method, establish connection using a USB method. This could be done by purchasing an external USB cable which is available at most computer stores.

3) When using wireless network, do not connect the Wired LAN to your printer as it could cause malfunctions.

4) Lastly, also to Connect Canon MF4770N printer to computer, also double checks the router connection.

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