How to Connect Canon MG3050 Printer to WiFi?

connect canon mg3050 printer to wifi

Connect Canon MG3050 Printer to WiFi

Now in this day and age you operate with printers which work on the basis of WiFi connection. This has made usage much easier for people.

However to go through a seamless experience on the printing front, the first thing you have to do is that you have to make sure you connect your printer to the WiFi connection in a proper manner. If this is not done, then there will be some connection issue which arises and then causes problems in your printing process. Thus it is important to make sure that your seamless printing takes place only when you do the connecting of the Canon MG3050 Printer to the WiFi in a correct manner which does not cause errors for you later on.

For this purpose it has been illustrated that you need to make sure the steps given below are followed. It has been illustrated in detail of how the Canon MG3050 Printer must be connected to the WiFi:

  1. First thing you have to do is to switch on the printer after you have unboxed it and set it up.
  2. Ensure you have attached all the peripheral equipment which came along with the box as well.
  3. Then you have also plugged it in properly, filled in the ink cartridges etc. All of this has to be
    done before we start the process to connect the Canon MG3050 Printer to the WiFi.
  4. There are largely two ways in which you can do this and both of them will be covered here.
  5. The first one is the WPS connection method. And in this the first thing which you have to do is
    make sure the WPS push button is activated and there. Your network connection’s details should
    also be with you in a secured manner.
  6. Your WiFi router has to be placed close to the printer for it to work properly so make sure this
    is done.
  7. You have to now press the WPS button and then wait for a while. What happens now is that
    the wireless button stars to blink after some time.
  8. Now you have to press the green button after this. And following this, quickly press the WPS
    button again.
  9. So here you will know that your Canon MG3050 Printer is connected to the WiFi once the
    printer lights stop blinking. Then make sure you do a test round to check whether or not the
    connection has actually been established.
  10. Now in the other method called the standard connection method you have to connect the
    Canon MG3050 Printer to WiFi when you are doing the setup process of the printer itself.
  11. This means that when you are downloading the updates, setting up the printer, at that time
    you have to make sure that the Wireless connection has been established as well.
  12. In one of the dialog boxes which show up, the option to choose and connect to wireless
    connection will show as well.
  13. Select and locate the network you want to connect to. And once it is done you can do a test Round to check

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