How to Connect Canon MX922 Printer Bluetooth?

Connect Canon MX922 Printer

It is essential for a printer today to have a Bluetooth setup within it, for it to have a good connection to sustain. This becomes important in a printer now because a lot more devices are able to connect with the printer, everything from your mobile, to your computer or desktop will be able to connect with your Canon printer and make it a simpler experience for anybody who wants to use it. One must always opt for a Bluetooth enabled printer if they are able to afford it.

The first thing you should do after buying a printer is to follow the steps to setup the printer as well. This article will delve into all the details regarding the implementing of the same. At the outset, it should be pointed out that at any point of the process if there is any issue which arise when doing the given steps, or if a concern happens to come up, then you should be prompt in passing on the issue to a service center, or even the official service or customer care office for Canon printer so that it can be addressed in a proper manner by the officials.

Step to Connect Canon MX922 Printer Bluetooth

  1. Start out by making sure that you remove the printer from its box carefully. Usually there are a few spare parts which accompany the printer, keep them separately and tend to them later when they are required to be attached to your product.
  2. The process of how you can do so will be given out in a pamphlet or paper which will accompany your printer when you purchase it. Follow these steps to ensure the proper setting up of the Canon printer with respect to its external parts especially.
  3. For the setup of the Bluetooth connection, you need to start out by first connecting the essentials and then switching on the printer to see if it is in proper working condition, only then can you proceed onward.
  4. You will have to make sure to insert the Bluetooth plugin within the port which is situated on the device itself. after this has been done, then go onto your Canon printer and within the settings and options there, locate the Bluetooth box if it pops up in front of your screen and then click on it to open the dialog box.
  5. What this will do is give you a list of options to choose out of, and you have to click on the settings option of the device. Further go on to select the printer settings option. Alter the Bluetooth printer settings in the manner which you deem fit. The settings will in the beginning be laid out in a default manner and you have to change it manually using these steps.
  6. Make sure that once you change it, you also end up saving the changes which you have made to your device or else it will not apply to the printing.

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