Connection Guide For Canon Mx922 Printer to WiFi

Connect Canon Mx922 Printer to WiFi

Connect Canon Mx922 Printer to WiFi

One of the top printer brands Canon has come up with another inkjet printer that is can be easily connected to the wireless connection. The online searches about “how to connect canon 922 printer to WiFi” is increasing on a daily basis. The demand for this printer is quite high and hence the doubts about its wireless connection.

In this article, we are going to discuss each and every step of connecting the canon 922 printer to WiFi in detail so as to answer as many questions as we can and also to eliminate all the doubts you might have. We are going to discuss right from what things you will need for setting up the connection successfully. So, let’s begun the process.

Things Needed by You

There will be three major requirements that you need to fulfill before connecting your canon 922 printer to WiFi. These include:

  • A computer system/ laptop enabled with WiFi
  • A wireless router
  • Wireless Canon Mx922 printer

Steps to Follow for Connecting Canon Mx922 Printer to WiFi

The given below steps are required to setup a connection between your WiFi network and your canon 922 printer.

Connection Preparation

The very first step to make a proper connection.

  • For this, you are required to check if your canon 922 printer is on or not? If it’s not, switch it on.
  • Connect your computer to the wireless connection or the WiFi properly. This should be the WiFi connection that you are going to use for connecting your canon Mx922 printer.
  • Make sure that you can’t connect your printer with a wired and a wireless connection at the same time.

Setting Up the Printer

The next step that needs to be followed is the setup procedure for the printer. It requires:

  • Click on the [A] button given on the printer menu.
  • Use the move buttons to select your desired WLAN setup option.
  • Hit the Ok button after finalizing the WLAN option.
  • Once the WiFi connection gets enabled successfully, a blue light will start blinking on the screen.

Procedure of Setup

In this step, your Canon printer will automatically start searching for the WPS supported access point. In this case, if you are not sure whether this technique will be supported by your router or not, hit the Stop button. You can also use the below mentioned alternate technique.

  • For Standard Setup: You can connect your canon printer to the access point simply by entering the network password.
  • WPS Setup: You can connect the printer to the WPS compatible access point.
  • Advanced Setup: For this case, you are allowed to connect your Canon printer to the access point by entering the access point settings on the printer.

WPS Connection

For setting up the WPS connection, the following steps are required to be followed.

  • You need to hold the WPS button given on the access point.
  • Now, click on the Ok button present on your canon Mx922 printer.
  • A new screen will appear.
  • Hit the Ok button on the screen to make a successful connection.

After you are done following all the above mentioned steps correctly, your canon Mx922 printer will successfully get connected to the wireless network or with the WiFi.

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