How to Connect Canon Printer to Wi-Fi

Connect Canon Printer To Wifi

Connect Canon Printer to Wi-Fi

Nowadays most models of printers already have Wi-Fi technology. This is with the aim of making things much easier for users. However, many of the people who acquire this type of equipment never use it correctly. Many of them do not take advantage of all its features and continue to use them through cables.
More and more models of printers with Wi-Fi connection that go out to the markets are created to be able to print documents, photographs, etc. without the need to make use of the connection cables. That is why today we are going to show you how you can Connect Canon Printer to Wi-Fi either in your work or home. This will allow you to be able to make prints in a very easy and fast way through the wireless network configured with your computer. As well as being able to take advantage of all the printing functions.

Steps to Install and Connect your Wi-Fi Printer

At present it is almost impossible not to find new printer models, both with ink and toner cartridges, which do not have WIFI technology. The rapid development of the digital world is displacing the use of cables to simplify things. That is why you must be prepared for everything.

Being able to perform this Canon Wireless Printer Setup installation and configure your printer to the Wi-Fi network is extremely easy. This will allow you to print from your computer, laptop or mobile device. This technology has already been included in virtually all computers today.

Canon Wireless Printer Setup

If you are a Canon user, you can also carry out this in a very simple way. One of the most effective methods to Canon Printer wireless Setupis through the “Connection button” also known as “WPS.”This will allow you to make this connection between the devices in an easy and fast way. It is important to mention that before carrying out this it is necessary that two requirements can be met – The access point has to have a WPS button and the network to be used must be WPA or WPA2 security protocol. Once we are sure that we have these two conditions, this process can begin.

To be able to make this connection through the “WPS” method you just have to follow the steps below.

1) The first thing we have to do is turn on the printer.
2) Now the “Wi-Fi” button will be turned on. For this keep it pressed for several seconds until the button light turns on.
3) You have to be sure that the button starts to flash. Once this is the case, you must go to the access point and click on the WPS button. This must be carried out quickly in no more than a minute.
4) Note that the Wi-Fi button light will continue to flash while the network is searched. The Wi-Fi will stop flashing when it is already connected to the access point to the wireless network.
5) Once the printer has already made the connection to the wireless network, the Wi-Fi button will stop blinking and remain permanently on.
6) Once all this is done, you can determine if the Wireless Canon Printer setupconfiguration was successful. For this, you can print the print network settings.
7) As for printing, it is necessary to be able to verify that it indicates “Active”.
8) After this, the installation and configuration of WPS will be completed. In this way, you can start taking full advantage of your printer through the Wi-Fi network.

What should you consider before setup?

More and more models of printers provide us with the possibility to print documents without using cables. It is what we commonly known as Wi-Fi technology. Although, there is a widespread belief that this technology in a device is expensive,  the truth is that in the current market we can find interesting possibilities at decent prices. Therefore, when deciding on one model and discarding another, it is important to know the models that exist. In this case, you can bet on Canon wireless printers.

Canon PIXMA Printer Wireless Connection Settings

Before attempting to connect the PIXMA printer to the wireless network, verify that the following two conditions are met

  1. Make sure you have an access point (sometimes called a router or hub) through which you can get an Internet connection. The access point must be fully operational before continuing to the next step.
  2. Make sure you have a computer device such as a PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet, hereafter referred to as a computer, correctly connected to the Internet.

To verify that the equipment to be used with the printer is connected to the network, try to open a website from the computer. If the website is not displayed, this will mean that you are not properly connected to the Internet and you must fix it before continuing. If you have problems or are unsure about how to configure the access point or Internet connection, refer to the instruction manual for the access point you are using or contact your Internet service provider.

Basic knowledge you must have

Wait while the device locates the WIFI. The printer will ask you to connect to the nearest signal. Giving “OK” is enough for the system to start working with it. But, pay special attention to this. If you accept and the signal is blocked or you need to put the key to release it, the printer will only be dedicated to continue charging (what does this mean?). And you will not be able to connect the equipment.Select the WIFI and enter the password to start using this connection.
Once you have selected the network of your choice, the system will take you to another screen (security settings) where the option appears to place the key in the option. Then you will see the boxes that tell you to enter your password where you probably have to enter a minimum of 8 characters or a maximum of 64 to place the secret password. Subsequently, once the password is entered, click on “OK”.

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