How to Connect Canon Printer to WiFi

Connect canon printer to wifi

Connect Canon Printer to WiFi

Canon printers form some of the best quality printers available in the market today. You can choose from a variety of features on the device as well. One of the most convenient things about Canon printers is the fact that you can print with the help of a number of devices when you are able to establish printer connection to the WiFi. This is also something which makes Canon devices sought after in the market in terms of brand quality.

Steps How to connect

  1. Start out by making sure that the printer has been attached to the power source on the device. start your printer, see if it has a working internet connection, and that the router has not been damaged either. Your wireless router must also be switched on and be ready to use. Ensure you have the login credentials, SSID or passcode with you before you begin too.
  2. Click on the option on the printer which says setup, and then further navigate to moving on to the wireless option within it. The printer screen will give you the possible options present. Connect Canon Printer to WiFi Go into the option which says wireless LAN setup option and click on it. After this, you will get another box which shows ‘other’ and you have to choose this.
  3. Last step here would involve choosing the option which lets you use the cableless setup option. After you have clicked on it, it will take some time for the connection to be established. Once this has been done then we can move on to the next step in this process, which has been the software installing part of it.
  4. Make sure that before you download any of the important software onto the printer, do not simultaneously be using another application on the device too- this could hinder the process of printer connection to WiFi on your Canon device. The installing of the software can be done in two ways.
  5. This could be by either using the CD which was received at the time of purchase by the printer. Use the CD to download the printer software, and give it time for it to get installed completely. Follow the steps which appear on your screen to ensure the entire process goes about smoothly too.
  6. Another thing to make sure is that if the CD option is something which is not available for printer connection in this case, then you can also go to the website of the printer. For this you have to go to the official website of canon printers.
  7. Make sure that you have with yourself the name, model, and other details about the printer. You will have to type out these details in the printer specifics, and only then can you move on to being directed to a printer link. This link will help you download the required software.
  8. Ensure that you follow all the steps which show up on the screen for this purpose, and also grant allowance to all the dialog boxes which appear on the screen too. The process of installation might take some time, however it must be tended to properly.
  9. Once the software installing has been done, then you can move to the printing part of it. This would mean conducting a few test prints, ensuring that the printer is properly connected to the network and internet. Before using your device, make sure you have a good WiFi connection as this prevents good printing.
  10. Also make sure that the correct printing commands are being issued by the device. Other minor details to bear in mind are the fact that there must be printing paper within the tray, externals of the printer must be in order, and also the fact that the printer should be having enough ink within it for proper printing experience as well.

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