How To Fix Canon Pixma Pro 100 Flashing Light Error Codes?

canon pixma pro 100 flashing light error codes

Fix Canon Pixma Pro 100 Flashing Light Codes?

This article addresses the possible problems due to which the canon pixma pro 100 flashing light error is happening on your device, and also provides for ways in which you can fix it. There is a need to locate exactly where the problem is arising from, and then once the issue has been localized, moving on to addressing the concern. This will help you fix it yourself easily. What can also be done in case these things don’t work out is if you take it to a customer service center for repair. This will largely contribute to the problem being solved by a professional experienced in the area. However since this is not a large issue, and keeps arising regularly, it can also be addressed on your own using the pointers which are given below:

Step to connect pixma pro 100 flashing light error code

  1. Simple thing you can start out with is by identifying whether or not the paper tray has good amount of paper in it. Usually the instructions for how the paper is to be loaded is given in the printer manual itself, which you get at the time of purchase. Make sure that you keep this safely for future usage.
  2. Check the printer settings, as sometimes even this hinders the development and causes errors like the one above. If they have been altered, make sure you put your settings back to the default. You could also try rebooting your printer settings right after you make these changes.
  3. Make sure there are no foreign objects lodged into the printer as it could lead to further complications. One is also required to ensure that their printer is cleaned regularly. It also needs to be placed in a dry area away from dust. Regular cleaning will make sure your printer lasts for a longer period.
  4. There needs to be monitoring of all the basic parts of the printer too. One can also always contact customer support to ensure that the assistance is provided for the work they intend to do, and this is good because the inputs given then are professional and will be given from a place of expertise as well. This is a suggested solution if the above given options do not work out in fixing the Canon printer error.
  5. There are special forums on the web as well, which are wholly devoted to making sure every technical problem which could possibly arise while using canon printers is discussed and users give their inputs on the issue at hand.

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