How to Fix Canon Printer Error B200?

Fix Canon Printer Error B200

Canon Printer Error B200

If you have canon printer then you must have experienced the super common canon printer error b200. You might also have searched how can I fix canon printer error b200? Well, if you worried because of the b200 error in your canon printer, then forget all your worries as we are here with all the answers you are searching for.

In this article, we will help you learn how to you can easily fix this error in canon printers with needing any technical help and all by yourself.

The meaning for B200 error in canon printer denotes that the print head voltage or the temperature of the printer head is not normal. This same error can also indicate that the print head is damaged or is not fine for usage or some problem has occurred with the ink cartridges.

Now, the procedure to correct this error depends upon the number of ink cartridges you have in your canon printer. The canon printers come in two categories, one is with 2 ink cartridges and another one with 4+ ink cartridges.

We have given the solution to eliminate this error b200 for both kind of printers here. Let’s begin with the 4+ ink cartridges printers.

Fix Canon Printer Error B200 for 4+ Ink Cartridges Printers

  • The very first step is to open the lid of the printer and start removing the ink cartridges carefully. Make sure to remove one ink cartridge at a time and without damaging the cartridge as well as the printer.
  • As the print head has definitely been affected, we have to remove that too. For removing the print head from your canon printer, you have to lift the orange or the grey colored locking lever which is present at the side of the cartridge cradle. This will make the print head removal process super easy.
  • Now, you are supposed to clean the print head and then place it back at its original place. Ensure it is placed correctly and carefully.
  • In this step you are going to place the ink cartridge back to their places and close all the doors that are open. Now your canon printer will start reading the print head and the ink cartridges again.
  • You have to unplug your canon printer from the electrical power supply outlet on the wall and let it sit for a few minutes. Once the print head and the ink cartridge slots are cooled down, plug the power cord back to the wall socket.
  • The B200 error only occurs when you printer is using the print head. Thus, checking the nozzle is important. This check will make sure that the correct ink cartridge has been reinstalled. Once done, you can start using your printer.

Fix Canon Printer Error B200 for 2 Ink Cartridges Printers

  • Until your printer is in the error state, it is impossible for you to disembark the cartridge cradle from its current location. Thus, it is important to restart the printer so that the error message will be temporarily removed and this will give you time to troubleshoot the issue. Make sure to turn your printer on only after a few minutes.
  • In the next step you have to try and find out the ink cartridge with the issue and then have to remove it.
  • Print head is a part of the cartridge. So, when you wish to replace the print head of your canon printer, you also supposed to replace the cartridge. Now, remove the faulty cartridge and replace it with a new one which is working perfectly.
  • Now, for verifying that if the cartridge is installed perfectly and is working fine, we have to perform a nozzle check. If it’s not done yet, then it means that you need to replace the other cartridge.

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