How To Fix Canon Printer Error Code 6c10?

fix canon printer error code 6c10

Fix Canon Printer Error code 6c10

Canon printers are a world known brand of printers which are recognized for their good quality products available at affordable prices. They are also well recognized for being very adept at handling customer woes which arise.

Canon printers themselves are some of the best products available in the printing category in the market today.

Sometimes in Canon printers, there is a mechanism which comes into work which keeps track of the amount of printing jobs and tasks done by the printer. So this mechanism keeps track of the amount of waste ink which gathers at the bottom of the printer, which is not being used.

This waste ink can then lead to issues like the Canon printer not printing or even through issue where Canon Printer Error code 6c10 is visible on the screen.

The Canon Printer Error code 6c10 is however not an error which is rather serious and is one which can be fixed by the customer. However first you have to make sure you identify the problem first and then fix it. This makes it easier to locate the issue in the printer itself.

This is an article which will give you a step by step process on how you can fix the problem of Canon Printer Error code 6c10 showing on the screen.

Make sure to follow all the steps properly and look at each and every step too. It is important to not miss out on any steps as it could cause further errors. It is also very easy to follow these steps given below.

  1. First thing that you have to do is to make sure you open the lid of the printer. After this is done
    you will notice that the cartridge of the printer has come to the center area and you will also be
    able to see the rollers on the area below towards the side.
  2. On the side of the rollers, you will find that there is a piece of plastic which is visible on the
    side. You have to make sure that you clean the dirt off this plastic piece and then attach it back
    into place again.
  3. Make sure you also clean the pads of all the ink on them.
  4. Another thing to be careful about is to use very soft paper towels or soft paper to clean these
    instruments of the Canon Printer, otherwise it could lead to some damage being created for the
  5. You have to clear out all the ink from the pads and the dust or dirt which has gathered on
    these things.
  6. Once you are done with cleaning all the parts of it, make sure that you reattach all of them
    in the proper place as well otherwise the Canon Printer Error code 6c10 will continue to show
    despite the try.
  7. After you have done all the steps mentioned above, then make sure you restart the printer and
    then use it only then.
  8. You will also have to reset some of the settings on your printer.
  9. For instance, you will have to reset the ink absorber option once you start the printer all over
    again after the cleaning.
  10. However after you have reset the settings like the ink absorber on your device, you will have
    to make sure you switch off your printer and then switch it on again for the Canon Printer Error
    code 6c10 to not show anymore.

Conclusively, these steps largely cover most of the issues which lead to the display of Canon Printer Error code 6c10 and the simple steps given below to fix it. Make sure you adhere to the steps and this will help remove the Canon Printer Error code 6c10 from display on your Canon printer.

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