How Do I Connect My Canon Pixma G3200 Printer To Wifi

Canon Pixma G3200 Printer To Wifi

The Canon Pixma G3200 printer to wifi is a rather reliable and versatile printer. It comes within a reasonable price range as well. This is an inkjet printer which is effective at printing, scanning, and copying printing jobs with ease too. This printer offers different methods of establishing connection too, you could do this with the help of a router, or with a USB cable device. You must also have a functioning Wi-Fi connection. Along with following the guidelines and instructions given below, there is the option of contacting the customer executives to help with connection or other printer related issues.

  • How to connect your Canon Pixma G3200 printer to the Wi-Fi

Once you have purchased your Canon Pixma G3200 printer to wifi , you will need to set it up. The first thing you will need to do is to connect it to the Wi-Fi. You could do this in two different ways. In one method you can use the easy wireless connect to Wi-Fi connect your Canon Pixma G3200 printer, and the second method is to download the software which helps install drivers and printers onto your device. You can use either or the two methods depending on which is suitable for you.

  1. Connecting Canon Pixma G3200 printer to the Wi-Fi using the easy wireless connect option for your printer

The first step to setting up your Canon Pixma G3200 printer is to make sure you connect the printer with a Wi-Fi connection. You will also have to make sure that the internet connection is functioning. Among other things, also check if the wires and cables are in place. You could also check if the configuration of the printer is in place.

Firstly, to do this you have to press the button labeled Wi-Fi on your printer itself, and make sure the light on the printer is on once you have done this. Now you will have to press the button which says colour. You have to make sure that the Wi-Fi button is still blinking while you are doing this. Now once you have done all this, you can now go on to the app screen originally and continue with the process of the setup. This will ensure your Wi-Fi gets connected to your Canon printer.

  • Connecting your printer to Wi-Fi using the installing drivers and software

For this you will have to go to the website of Canon and download the requisite software required. Make sure you read all the instructions given out properly and then download it. Once the download is done then you click on the downloaded file on your computer and click on the instructions which follow.

You have to now click on the option which says that setup needs to start. Double click on this file to open it. Select the option which makes you pick your location, and once you have done this then click on next.  A license agreement also shows up and after reading it you are expected to click on next option again.

Then the firewall settings come, where you could either enable it or disable it. You will have to then make sure the name of your internet router and wireless connection are correctly displayed. Once this is done, your installation will be complete and your printer will connect with ease.

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