How To Connect Canon iP8720 Printer To Wi-Fi

connect canon iP8720 printer to wifi

The Canon iP8720 Printer is one of the better devices available in the market today. It is an inkjet printer which makes sure all types of customers’ needs are met. Another good thing about this printer is that because it is not as large as other printers, you can easily place it wherever required. It is also a wireless connect printer. This helps in a lot of ways in preventing the hassle of wires, makes it easy to carry the printer around. Along with this you can also connect your Canon iP8720 Printer to a lot of devices like tablets, phones or computers.

One of the first things you have to do after purchasing Canon iP8720 Printer is to set up the printer. Once you have done the set up process of printer, then you move to connecting it to the Wi-Fi.

Important things to note before you connect your Canon iP8720 Printer to Wi-Fi

  1. Ensure you have an internet connection, which is working fast and efficiently.
  2. Check whether your router is working, your computer is functioning and all the wires of the router and other devices are connected properly. Any glitch in this process could cause malfunctioning of the printer at a later stage.
  3. Also note that the settings for the network for different devices like your computer, printer, router will be different for different times depending on the environment it is in. This is to be kept in mind.
  4. You also have to make sure that there is no 3rd party intervention at any stage of the process, this is crucial for your information to remain safely.
  5. Another important thing to note is that along with having a well functioning internet connection, one has to ensure that their printer and the computer are using the same internet connection otherwise it could cause problems.
  6. You will have to make sure before you begin the process that you find and download the printer driver for your Canon iP8720 Printer. This is the first thing you must do. In this, make sure you download the printer driver software for the correct model and type of printer. Otherwise there could be glitch at a later stage.
  7. Once you have downloaded the correct printer driver software, then move on to clicking on the installation on your computer and installing in on your device. The setup will now be complete properly.

Additional steps before connecting Canon iP8720 Printer to Wi-Fi

  1. Make sure that you have quit or exit other apps which you were using on the same device before you start with the setup process for your Canon iP8720 Printer.
  2. Also ensure you login as administrator
  3. If you have logged in as a particular username then do not change that when the process of installation or connection is going on
  4. Another important thing is that once you have installed the driver software on your computer, make sure you switch it off and then only use it once you switch it back on again. It needs to reboot once after the software has been installed on it.

How to connect Canon iP8720 Printer to Wi-Fi connection easily

  1. When you go to the option to select the security selection, from there you have to select the wireless option
  2. After this you have to press the Wi-Fi button for a little time. After you press it, the button starts to blink.
  3. Then a dialog box shows up on your screen and you have to click on next in this.
  4. The instructions will ask you for permission on whether you want to allow the installing of the software on the computer. Make sure you give the requisite permissions required to install it on your device.
  5. You have to continue to follow the dialog boxes until the point the setup is finished.
  6. Out of the options which show in front, you have to select the printer you want to connect to. Make sure you pick the Canon iP8720 Printer and then click on next after this.
  7. Once you have clicked on it then a dialog box appears again and you have to click on add printer here.

Once this process is followed then the steps relating to connecting the Canon iP8720 Printer to Wi-Fi will be complete. You can test print a few rounds and check if everything is functional as well.

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