Why My Canon Printer Not Printing?

Canon Printer Not Printing

Canon Printer Not Printing

There can be a lot of reasons for your Canon printer not printing in the manner it should. The only solution to this to troubleshoot and find out the actual reasons behind of the cause. Only after identifying the printer issue, you will be able to resolve it and can get back to printing.

It is not hard for anyone to fix the canon printer not printing issue. If you are also going through with the problem of canon printer won’t print, then you have landed on the very correct page, where we have answered all your questions.

Quick Steps for Canon Printers Troubleshooting

  • The very first thing that you can perform is resetting your canon printer to fix the issue.
  • Turn the printer off and also remove the power cable from the electric socket.
  • Remove all the USB cables attached to the printer.
  • Leave the printer like so for around a minute or two.
  • Now, plug it back to the wall socket, with using any surge protector.
  • Connect the cables back at their respective places of the printer.
  • Turn the printer and wait until it becomes silent.
  • Now, you can take a test print to check if your printer is responding now or not.

Detailed Procedure for Canon Printers Troubleshooting

  • In canon printer, the problem of printer not printing is common and can arise due to multiple reasons. You are supposed to identify the problem first and then only you can fix the issue.
  • Whenever you face such an issue, the first thing that you need to check for is the ink cartridges. Check if they are full or not? You can print the calibration page to check the ink levels.
  • Another method for checking the ink levels is by opening the canon for windows and clicking on the ink management. This will show you the level of the ink in the tank. In case, if the ink is full but still your canon printer is not printing, then check for the authenticity of the ink cartridge.
  • It is always highly recommended to buy the ink from the genuine retailers only. In case if you are not using the original product, the chances of an error like this are quite high. If you don’t find any problem with the ink cartridges, then switch to the checking the quality of the paper inserted.
  • The settings for the paper width guide should be set as per the paper you are inserting for printing. Also, it is highly recommended to check the type of paper your canon printer supports before loading it into the tray.
  • One more reason for printer not printing can be no paper in the tray. The printer stops printing when it is running out of paper. Your paper, you are loading with papers should match the one mentioned in the printer settings.
  • Resetting the printer can fix most of the printer problems.
  • We have already discussed the printer reset method with you under the quick steps. It is called as hard reset.
  • The soft reset is not required until your canon printer is responding properly and is not throwing errors. Check for the printer firmware status, in case, if it is outdated then you have to it updated at the earliest.
  • The official website of the printer manufacturer, canon in this case, will have the latest printer firmware. By clicking at the download option, you can download the firmware and then can update the one in your system.
  • You can go for a print test at this stage. The chances that the problem has been resolved and the printer will respond well is high.
  • If the problem is still present and your canon printer is still not printing, then you can uninstall all the printer drivers and related software from your computer system. Remember to remove the cache files as well, so that there won’t be any problem while you install them again.
  • Now, go to the drivers and printers from the control panel of your computer system. Search for your device name and right click on it. Now, click on the remove device option.
  • The next step is to go to the official website of the printer manufacturer and enter your canon printer model number, this will redirect you to the latest printer drivers & software. Download them from there and install them in your computer system.

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