How To Print From Chromebook To Canon Printer?

Print From Chromebook To Canon Printer

Print From Canon printer To Chromebook

One can print using the chromebook with almost all devices. However the only difference here being that the setup process for chromebook is different than other printer or devices. It has a more nuanced process by which the printing is done, and has to be followed accordingly. However, the good thing is that everything from phones, to tablets and laptops can be connected to it for printing purposes once this has been established. Because it uses something of a server, through which it operates using the internet connection, this means that one can print on a device from anywhere that they are located and need not have to be in the vicinity. This makes it more convenient for a number of reasons. Thus, only an internet connection is required and one can proceed with the printing.

This article highlights the process by which you can print from chromebook to Canon printer. It is lucid, simple and easy to comprehend.

Step to Print From Chromebook To Canon Printer?

  1. Start out by making sure that you have a good working internet connection. This will be the first step when trying to setup your chromebook with printer. Make sure you connect your Canon printer and also to ensure you have google chrome already downloaded on your device.
  2. Switch on the google chrome and then on the top right area of the browser, make sure you click on the browser option present. You have to  click on the box which says Chrome, and also go into Settings option after this. Further from here, it will lead you to a box which further explored the detailed settings of the device. Move into this option and click on it.
  3. Once you do this, then select the google cloud from here onward. And after this you will get a list of printers which you will be able to choose out of. Select the canon printer which you want to connect your chromebook with, and then proceed further.
  4. Give it a few minutes for the setup and connection to be made, and then move further. now you can proceed to print with google cloud from here.
  5. For this, you need to open the page which you have to print and then click on the option print or even do a control + P if required. Moving on from here, a list or print view of the page is going to be open in front of you for perusal. This will be the view of the file how it would appear post printing.
  6. There can be adjustments made in this sphere depending on the page, size etc. whatever other particulars are to be made are to be done at this stage prior to the printing itself.
  7. One can pick the destination of where they want their saved folder to be located and then proceed to the printing. Once this is done, gauge the kind of quality of printing etc. and continue with the process further.

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