How To Reset A Canon Printer MX310 ?

Reset A Canon Printer MX310

Reset A Canon Printer MX310

The Canon printer company is a highly rated company in the devices which are available in the market today. It is a very good product and the printing scanning copying from the Canon printer is also very easy to do for people.

There are a lot of options of printers which people can choose from. Canon printers gives many choices for choosing out of the options in the market today.

Similar to a lot of other Canon printers, it has a process of tracking the approximate amount of ink left in the cartridges.

Step-by-step procedure to reset Canon MX310 –

Step 1 – Turn the Canon MX310 printer on by using the Power button, then proceed to press
the Stop/Reset button. Long-press the button for about five seconds.
Step 2 – Press both, the Power button and the Stop/Reset button at the same time for five
Step 3 – Let go fo the Stop/Reset button while pressing the Power button at the same time.
Step 4 – Press Stop/Reset twice, also pressing the Power button at the same time.
Step 5 – As the light on the Canon MX310 is green, press Stop/Reset. Stand by for about three seconds and then press it again. Wait for three more seconds, and push it the third time. At
this point, the power light should be orange.
Step 6 – Press the Power button, and then uncover the Canon MX310 Printer.
Step 7 – Detach the two ink cartridges and stand by for ten seconds. Replace both the cartridges and cover the Canon MX310 Printer.
Step 8 – Press the Power button, stand by for some time and allow the Canon MX310 Printer to switch off, and then switch the Printer back on using the Power button.

By now, the Canon MX310 Printer should be reset.

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