How To Fix Canon Printer Error Code U075?

Fix Canon Printer Error ode U075

Fix canon printer Error code U075

Canon printer is a superb printer which you can utilize printing for home and official reason. The toughness and better printing quality are the critical highlights of your Canon printer, which improves it than others. Canon printer users don’t discover a lot of issues with it, yet there are some regular issues have been noticed.

We have recorded those normal Canon printer error codes with their portrayals and setup as well. You can likewise fix these issues with assistance of this brisk guide.

Step to fix canon printer Error code U075

While working on canon printer we can come across the error code which will appear “U075” . Error U075 defines that the setup for cartridge is not proper. It is properly known that both the black and white and coloured cartridge look similar. It is necessary to install both the cartridge at there desired place. But it is quite difficult to install blave and white cartridge at the same time. So here we will guide you how to resolve canon printer error code U075.

We all come across this error due to the insertion of new cartridge or change in the position of ink cartridge. It is not as much difficult to resolve the issues regarding error U075. We must assure that both the black and coloured cartridge should be located at the right position. To fix the error “U075″ are given below:-

Step 1- Open the printer’s lid

  • Firstly, open the lid of the printer and wait for a while to shift the cradle on its own towards the cartridge replacement position.
  • After that remove both the cartridge from the printer

Step 2- Examine all label if the printer

  • You are suggested to examine the labels to assure that one is black and one is coloured.

Step 3- Locate the printer

  • Check carefully about the slot for black cartridge and coloured cartridge as well by using indicator or the cartridge cradle.

At last you have to reinstall both the cartridge

Now the message for the error “U075” will automatically disappeared and you will be allowed to print after that. If the message doesn’t appear then there is a 100% possibility that any one of the cartridge is not placed or labelled at the same position.

We hope that our article helped you so far but still the problem is not resolved then please comment so that we can look for the further article to explain in brief.

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