How to Setup Canon IP110 Printer?

How to Setup Canon IP110 Printer

Setup Canon IP110 Printer

The multinational Japanese printer manufacturer company Canon is well known internationally for its wireless office mobile printers. One such super popular printer is Canon IP110. This one is such a light weight and small sized portable printer that is highly used by the professionals as well as by the students.

The Canon IP110 printer is a comfortable option for everyone when it comes to printing your photos or your office documents. The only question that newly bought owners have is regarding the Canon IP110 driver installation setup. And keeping this in mind, we are here to assist you with all the answers you are looking for.

Steps to Setup Canon IP110 Printer

We have divided the entire setup process into 4 parts that include:

  • Printer Unboxing
  • Driver Download & Installation
  • Connecting it to Windows
  • Connecting it to Mac

Initialization & Unboxing

  • The Canon IP110 printer has a lot of safety packaging and our first step are to remove all the tapes and package carefully.
  • Take the printer out of the box without damaging it.
  • Keep it on a clean surface like a table that it placed near to your WIFi router.
  • Now take out all the other parts from the box like the power cord, ink cartridges and installation kit.
  • Take the power cord, connect it to the power socket at one end and connect the other end to your printer.
  • Now, place ink cartridges carefully at the space provided for the same.
  • Place papers in the paper tray.
  • Now you are ready for a test print just to check if all the connections are working properly or not?

Driver Download & Installation

The driver installation is an important part and can be done in the following two ways:

Installation Disk

  • Take the CD that you have received with your new Canon IP110 printer.
  • Insert it into the CD space in your computer system or laptop.
  • Now, run the CD for starting the setup process.
  • In case, if it not running automatically, then insert the CD again.
  • Now, visit my computer and double click on the .exe file and follow the instruction shown on the screen.

Canon Website

  • If you don’t have the CD for installing the printer drivers, you can get them downloaded from the official Canon website.
  • After reaching out to the webpage, enter the model number of your printer which is IP110 and you will be taken to the desired webpage.
  • The operating system supported by your computer will automatically be selected as default and you can change it anytime if you wish to.
  • Hit the download button now, and the printer driver file will be downloaded to your system.
  • Now go to the download folder and double click the .exe file to run it.
  • Follow all the instructions shown on the screen to complete the driver installation.

Connecting It to Windows

Following steps are needed for connecting your new bought Canon IP110 to a Windows operated computer system.

  • While installing the printer driver, select wireless LAN and then click next.
  • Now you will be asked to select the access point connection. After doing so, hit next.
  • Check if the printer is on and the white light is flashing or not?
  • If not, then turn on the printer and hit next button.
  • For the first timer, click “settings printer could not be found on the list” and then click on the next button.
  • Keep on clicking next until you reach the setup procedure page.
  • Now, choose the cableless setup and press the WiFi button given on your printer.
  • You need to release this button only after the second light blinks two times.
  • Again, hit the next button and select the location.
  • Click on agree for the license agreement and keep on following all the instructions for setting up your canon IP110 printer to your Windows computer.
  • Now you can take a print test and exit once the installation completes.

Connecting It to Mac

  • After you finish downloading the drivers, the initial setup will start appearing on your screen. Click the next button.
  • Now, a pop up will come and will ask for the admin name and the password.
  • After entering the password, click on the install helper.
  • Now, click on the next button and then on wireless LAN connection.
  • Again, hit next and then access point connection and once again next.
  • Now, turn on your printer, if it hasn’t already and hit next.
  • If you are setting it up for the very first time, then make sure to select “setting printer could not be found on the list”, before hitting the next button.
  • Now click open from the Canon setup guide, and hit next.
  • Click on the cableless setup and now hold the button for WIFI present on your printer.
  • Release the button after the power lamp blinks for at least two times, now click next again.
  • At the moment when the white lamp is still and the WiFi light is blinking, it defines that the printer is setting up the connection with your selected network, click next again.
  • Now, click on allow, then next, then enter your location, then next for a few further screens.
  • Choose yes for license agreement.
  • Now keep following the instructions.
  • Take a print test.
  • And exit once the installation is done.

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