How To Setup Canon Pixma Mg3022 printer?

Canon Pixma Mg3022 printer setup

Setup Canon Pixma Mg3022 printer

The plus option about owning a device like the Canon Pixma Mg3022 printer is the fact that it is good for printing scanning copying and other printer related activities. There is not a lot of fuss involved in trying to setup the device. Along with this there’s also the option of making sure that you can choose from a wide variety of options at your choice

This is also a good part about buying this particular printer. The setup manner of this device is also to be done by simply looking at few options which are given below

What you have to do as the user who is following this, is that you have to ensure you follow it step for step and stick to the instructions.

The setup process is rather simple and doable by most people who attempt it as well. Ensure that the whole thing is read and scrutinized before you are done with trying to setup the Canon Pixma Mg3022 printer.

  1. Unbox the printer properly and carefully place it in a clean, dry area.
  2. After this is done, take the separate parts of the printer out too and then keep them aside.
  3. You have to attach some of the parts to the printer and this has to be done properly otherwise
    there will be some error relating to the printer.
  4. The printer tray has to be lodged in place for the setup of the Canon Pixma Mg3022 printer.
  5. The papers need to be placed in the printer as well. Make sure you do this carefully.
  6. Another important part is the printer driver of the Canon Pixma Mg3022 printer.
  7. You can install it from a CD or even online process. And then follow the steps on your device
    to setup and install it properly.
  8. The wifi connection must be proper and fast too. Place your router as close to the printer as
    possible for it to work without any glitches or errors.
  9. Make sure you clean your printer and parts regularly.
  10. There should be ink in the cartridge, power should be plugged in as well. The wires should be
    in place.
  11. Make sure you also have the fact that other printers are not connected, sometimes this
    troubles the connection setup.
  12. Connect the Canon Pixma Mg3022 printer to the wifi.
  13. You can do a few test printing rounds to see if everything is working properly.
  14. Go over the steps again in case of any errors.
  15. Make sure to contact customer dial in case of more issues which happen in the process to
    setup the Canon Pixma Mg3022 printer.

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