How to Setup Canon Pixma MP495 Printer to WiFi?

Canon Pixma MP495 Printer setup

When there is Wi-Fi enabled network in place, there could be an automatic connection button known as WPS, which is an acronym for Wi-Fi Protected Setup .If this exists, you can start connecting to the network, without entering a password. The same option is available for the Canon Pixma MP495 Setup, which can be connected by using the WPS. In case, you do not have the WPS option, then one needs to resort to a connection method called “Standard Connection Method”.

Assuming, you have the WPS in place, here are the standard instructions on connection.

WPS Connection Method: Canon Pixma MP495 Printer setup

Preconditions for WPS Connection:

A physical WPS push button should be available. You can ascertain that by checking your WPS guide.In case it is not available, then you need to switch to Standard Connection.

Connection for Canon Pixma MP495 Printer Setup

The network in use should be WPA or WPA2 Security protocol.
Assuming all are in place, let us go ahead and Connect Canon Pixma.

Steps to Connect Canon Pixma MP495 Printer Setup

1) Ascertain the printer is ‘on’and the green color is there.(LED).
2) There is a button called Maintenance. This is on the printer. Hold it down for five minutes.
3) Ascertain the LED lights are flashing in response to your pressing. Then release the pressure.
4) Now , press the button “fit to page”.
5) The LED would start flashing at this point , and it would do so for two minutes only. By that time, press the WPS button on the access point.
6) There is a blue light which would start emitting from the printer .This indicates that, the search for the signal to connect to the access point is on.
7) Assuming, that the wireless connection is now on which can be actually double checked, as the LED lights would be glowing for 3 seconds extra.Now you need to make sure that the blue Wi-fi indicator I also lit. And, the green LED would have changed to “1”. The point to observe is if there are any error codes displayed on the LED. This could be an “e” flashing after a number “1”. To rectify the situation, press the colorbutton, or the black one , and get rid of the error. Once this done, you need to repeat steps 1 &2.
8) Now we need to confirm, whether the printer is really connected to the WIFI. For that, just take a printout. This is the procedure.
i) Turn on the printer.
ii)Load a sheet of paper
iii) Keep repeatedly pressing the maintenance button till the LED goes on.
IV) One of the color buttons can be pressed now.

Now Canon Pixma MP495 Printer is setup.


The guide to connect this printer has made a complicated matter simple. The very fact, that it involves just a few steps, which does not need much knowledge in Information Technology is amazing, once you have gone through the procedure.

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