Why Is My Canon Printer Not Responding?

Canon Printer Not Responding

Canon is a dependable brand for printers. It offers quality printing and is reliable as well. However, a common error among Canon printers is stated by customers as being that their Canon printer is not responding. Considering this is a regular error which occurs, it can easily be fixed with some idea of why the Canon printer is not responding.

What are Some Reasons that My Canon Printer is Not Responding?

Connection errors

There could be some problem between a connection error of the computer with the printer. You will have to check whether the printer is properly connected with your computer. Check for all the wires and their connection. There could also be errors with your Wi-Fi connection, look whether it is functioning properly.

This could be a reason why the Canon printer is not responding. Fix all the above problems of wires, Wi-Fi, printer connections and then check if the printer is working now. You could also try checking the settings of the printer itself.

Printer Problems

There could be issues with the printer itself which is causing the Canon printer to not respond. This involves problems like technical errors with the printer, you might also need to check the printer spooler to see if all the printing jobs being handled by the printer are done smoothly. In case this doesn’t help, you could try to re-start the spooler of your printer. You can do this by pressing the R button on your keyboard along with the windows key.

Follow the instructions which come up in the dialog box ahead and it will help you re-start your printer spooler to fix your Canon printer not responding.

Printer driver

Sometimes, the printer driver could be dysfunctional. Make sure you have installed the correct printer driver corresponding with your own printer model and type. Re-check if you are using the correct printer driver software and it is installed properly.

If not, then install the correct software. This could help fix your Canon printer not responding.

What Can I do if My Canon Printer is Not Responding?

Network Issue

If your network discovery option is disabled on your computer, this could cause your printer to respond with an error. Make sure you enable this option on your computer.

You can do this by going into network and settings option within the settings of your computer. Then a new dialog box appears which allows you to switch the network discovery option on. Once this is done, your printer problem should be fixed.

Port error

The Canon printer could be not responding due to the printer being connected through the wrong port. You can fix this by going into settings and viewing which port the printer is connected in. For this you will have to click on the port where the printer’s name is visible.

Offline mode

Check if your printer is operating in offline mode instead of online mode. This could be a reason why it is not responding. To change printer to online mode you go to devices and printers from your settings and then right click on the printer option inside it. A drop down menu of options appear and out of this you have to select the one which allows your printer to go online.

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